Aceites Almenara has built a new oil press that was inaugurated in 2009.


Obtaining the Olives

The way in which the olives are obtained is a key process in order to produce high quality olive oil. Our hoppers are specifically designed to ensure that no external elements can tamper with quality of the product. Subsequently, the leaves and ítems are removed and the olives are cleansed in a stainles steel machine, designed specifically for this sole purpose.

Before being taken to the storage hoppers, the olives are weighed. The storage hoppers are designed in a way that allow us to classify the different sets of olives based on the variety of olive as well as ripeness.



Our objective is to be able to grind all of the olives that are received on a day to day basis. We have a surplus capability to do so given that we are able to grind 150.000 kilos of olives every 24 hours.



We implement a natural decantation system in a stainless steel chamber that has three sections where the oil remains for 24 hours before going to the cellar.



We are equipped with 20 stainless steel tanks that are designed in a way that allows us to classify the different oils that are produced. We ensure that our cellar is always kept at a stable temperature between 18 and 24º C.



Once the quality controls have been completeted, and the lots have been clearly established, they are thourghly filtered to eliminate and excess organic matter, and sent to where they are bottled.

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