In our museum, open to the public, the elements used to make our oil during the nineteenth century are shown on display.

Aceites Almerana has reserved a space inside of its modern instalations in order to offer visitors the possibility to see how the old oil press used to be as well as the elements that were implemented in the production of our oil over a century ago

Among many pieces, the hydraulic presses, the circular grinding stone and the storage units stand out for being so different as opposed to the ones that are used in the practice of producing our olive oil in the present.

We have recovered our traditional oil press in order to conserve a memory of our older generations, whose efforts made it possible for them to achieve success. We think that this museum is ideal for showing and illustrating to the younger generations how people lived and produced olive oil in the past.

The museum also showcases the original machinery from the factory that was based in this municipality from the beginning of the production of the olive oil.

The museum also exhibits a series of panels with brief explanations explaining the ancestral techniques of olive oil extraction. This tradition has been quite prominent in the Mediterranean region for almost 3000 years.


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